Microsoft Office Add-in

LogicalDOC is integrated into Office with an Add-in you can install into your PC.
Once installed, you will be able to open office documents stored in LogicalDOC directly in your Office application.
Of course LogicalDOC will take care of the versioning and check-out/check-in operations.


MS-Office-2013 Fulltext search-results
MS-Office-2013 LogicalDOC-Tab
MS-Office-2013 Open-File
edit-properties excel-document
file delete
open document


Benefits of this feature

  • Ability to access the repository of documents directly,without the use of browser
  • Store files directly into LogicalDOC
  • Automatic versioning behind the scenes
  • Ability to search the whole archive of documents
  • File management operativity on Documents
  • Folder management operativity
  • Quick view the recent edited documents

Feature details

  • Available for Microsoft Office - 2010, 2013, 2016, 365
  • Browse folders and open documents directly from Office
  • Automatic lock documents to prevent overwriting
  • Full-text search and traditional search by filename or extension
  • File management operativity on Documents with context menu
  • Supported actions like New, Rename, Delete and Move for folder management
  • Ability to edit full document's metadata
  • Classification of documents by type and tags

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