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LogicalDOC in the Best Document Management Software of 2020


LogicalDOC was featured in a recent article Best Document Management Software of 2020 by

The top 20 solutions were selected based on automation and collaboration tools, demo or free trial options, and integration support.

LogicalDOC and other companies on the list were required to offer tools that automate routine tasks and make it easier to manage documents across teams. It was also crucial that each system supports third-party applications and allows users to test the features at no initial cost.

Experts at conducted a 40-hour assessment of over 120 software companies across the web. is an online publication that helps small business owners find the right tools to take their business to the next level.
Their mission is to examine and compare the best products, services and software for running or optimizing a website or online marketplace for small businesses.
Using their proprietary sentiment analysis algorithm on social media platforms, is able to collect and analyze data on a large scale.

We are absolutely thrilled by the news, every day the document management needs expand and branch out and our software grows to accommodate the requests of our customers.

The inclusion of LogicalDOC among the best document management software represents an excellent showcase for our product, we are sure that we will benefit greatly!

Alessandro Gasparini - CMO

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